About Us

PereLei is a leather goods brand that creates finely crafted leather pieces utilizing the finest array of colours textures and skins. The brand was born out of the need for finely finished leather goods produced locally. From inception, it was apparent the need for inculcating world-class standards within the local leather goods market. Currently, the brand is engaged in the production of items such as bags, shoes, accessories and corporate souvenirs and other gifts. We pride ourselves on passionately creating world-class leather goods locally.

From inception, functionality has always been at the forefront of our creations. However inspiration tends to come from different directions. We create quite a lot of private collections and for the collectors, we tap into their visions and help bring them to light. Other times, designs are fully or partly informed by the function of the creation.

We get asked if we are Italian quite a lot. Then we educate them about our strong Ijaw roots and how PERE means KING in the Ijaw language.
Initially we dealt with a misconception about our products being foreign but that in it self speaks volumes of the quality of work and level of creativity being in put into every PereLei piece.

Pere Lei


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